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Township of Severn homeowners are very happy with all of the benefits that came with their new window and door upgrades. What are some of the benefits you will experience when replacing your home’s windows and doors? How can upgrading save you money from day one?

The end result of a home that is improperly sealed and not airtight is energy loss. Energy loss has a very high price tag for both the pocketbook and the environment. In fact, energy loss is one of the top reasons a homeowner seeks out replacement and repair options to their windows and doors. As a means to reduce the home’s monthly energy costs, upgrading the doors and windows is a homeowner’s best bet. There are also many benefits to the environment. Less of our planet’s natural resources are wasted when a home is energy efficient. When using products that are of high quality and long lasting, this also lessens the environmental impact by not requiring ongoing repairs or, worse, full replacements.

Here are detailed examples of reasons to upgrade your windows and doors:

  • As we briefly touched on, experiencing high energy bills that are rising and often moving in the direction of becoming unaffordable. Seniors wanting to remain in their homes and who are on a fixed budget may be experiencing this directly. Sadly, for many others as well, household incomes are not increasing at the same rate as the rising cost of maintaining a home. When you weight the cost of the initial replacement investment over the long-term cost of high utility bills, replacement wins every time as the best choice and investment.
  • Your home has cold spots and is drafty in and around the door and window areas. There may be fluctuations in temperature that are continuously changing from room to room. You’re avoiding the colder rooms for this reason. Something to keep in mind is that you’re still actually heating and cooling these inefficient areas of the home. You find yourself saying, “Home comfort? What’s that?”
  • You have stopped using some of your windows or doors because they no longer function properly, or at all. Opening and closing may be impossible because of faulty mechanical parts. They’ve either seized up due to rust or have completely broken. When fixing or repairing windows and doors becomes impossible, then replacement is the only option.
  • There’s damage on the window’s glass part or the frame. This includes cracks, fogginess, or lingering condensation on the windowpanes. The frames may be splitting, warped, or have come apart and separated from the glass panes. In all of these examples, the home would definitely no longer be airtight.
  • Damage may be also visible (or not) in the window surround part where the walls connect to the windows or doors. As water seepage is not a home’s friend, when there’s water damage here, it’s not a good sign. Seeing things such as water stains and water seepage must be dealt with immediately. A consultation with an experienced windows and doors specialist is the best person to contact. They can definitely assess the damage and offer up solutions.
  • Fading of your window treatments or of the furniture that is nearby is a sign that your windows have no UV protection. These can be the older single-pane styles. Window upgrades would fix this problem. Today, double and triple-pane windows with specialty coatings are available.
  • Unwanted outdoor sounds may also be coming in through non-airtight sealed windows and doors. When air enters a home, it will also carry sound as well.

My hobby farm in the Township of Severn feels very drafty around the front door and window areas. Would new windows and doors completely stop the drafts?

Yes! Professionally installed and properly sealed new windows and doors will definitely keep the drafts out.

Located in south-central Ontario, the Township of Severn is situated between Severn River and Lake Couchiching. The Township of Severn described itself as a four-season tourist recreation destination. There’s the long-reaching Uhthoff Recreation Trail. You can hike, snowmobile or bike from Orillia all the way to Waubaushene. The rolling hills of the Township are home to both large-scale farms and smaller hobby farms. Often the home part of farm properties is very open and vulnerable to the elements. Because there are no adjacent neighbouring homes to act as a buffer, the windows and doors or a rural home need to be very strong and have an appropriate energy rating that would suit this kind of direct contact with all kinds of weather. For this very reason, it’s important to consult a highly experienced and professional windows & doors company in Severn.

So where do I begin to look for a professional windows and doors company in the Township of Severn?

Well, if you’re reading this, you’re more than on your way to finding a great windows & door company in Severn. Dare I say, I believe you just found one!  At AM Window & Door Solutions, we have extensive experience with all types of homes, including rural properties. There are many variables to take into consideration when upgrading windows and doors, so a professional is the only way to go. Our highly skilled technicians are ready to help you with all of your windows and doors needs. We’re a family-owned company with close to 65 years of experience serving our many customers. We’re extremely proud and confident with our skilled workmanship, so much so that we offer a 10-year workmanship warranty on all of our work. This warranty is also transferable should you decide to sell your home within that timeframe, which also makes this type of warranty very desirable to potential purchasers. Topnotch customer care is what you’ll experience with us. Right from your free initial consultation to our thorough clean up of the completed jobsite. Our aim is for happy and satisfied customers who are glad they chose our company as their window and door specialist.

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