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Windows & Doors Company in Wasaga Beach

Wasaga Beach residents are reaping all the benefits of their new replacement windows and doors, from increased savings all the way to improved aesthetics people are learning about the benefits of new windows and doors. What are the signs that your windows and doors are failing?

There’s a huge focus now on energy consumption and energy costs, and with good reason. As a whole, we’re using a lot of earth’s resources and today that comes with a very high price tag. Energy costs are soaring and yet for many households, income doesn’t seem to moving in the same direction. Therefore, intelligent investments are needed to both cut immediate costs and plan wisely for the future. Reinforcing the airtight quality of one’s home and making it much more efficient is one of those important solutions.

Here are a few of the signs that tell the story your home is experiencing energy loss:

  • Steady and predictable drafts. You avoid spending any length of time in close proximity to your windows or doors. In extreme cases, you may even be avoiding an entire room. This means you’re really wasting valuable space with unused space in the home which still requires heating and cooling.
  • Cold items near doors. Are your shoes or boots that you keep in your hallways near the front door super-cold when you put them on? Not a fun way to start your winter day. (Coffee only gives the illusion of fixing this problem.)
  • You’ve tried weather stripping the area surrounding a door or window. In the last few winters, you’ve used those plastic film window kits, even though you’re not really sure if they really work for your windows. (These kits can help with the windowpane portion of the window but they do nothing for any air loss from the window frame and even the area immediately surrounding the window itself.)
  • Any form of water damage, such as stains or even seepage. Definitely not a good sign. Despite the strong wish of homeowners, water damage does not repair itself. Once it is experienced, replacement materials are a must. So, if water damage is seen in or around window areas it means previously air sealed sections have been breached and there’s not only damage, but there’s substantial energy loss.
  • Visual damage to windows or doors. Often times when there’s window or door damage, again, the energy seal can be broken. This is true when a door or window has become askew or warped. It no longer opens or closes easily. Gaps can be seen and felt. This can be from age or any settling of the home over time or even if the home has undergone renovations such as a side or second storey addition.
  • Unlike today’s modern styled double or triple pained windows, the older single pane windows did not have the option of a UV protection coating. In these cases, fabric fading of both curtains and nearby furniture is quite common.
  • Your neighbours sound like they’re actually inside your home and not in their own backyard. Sound travels and will enter through the smallest of gaps. Soundproofing is a great bonus of a well sealed and insulted home. Hearing one’s neighbours is best left for real face-to-face get-togethers and community gatherings.

My windows are looking pretty tired and a couple have fogged over, does this mean it’s time to replace all them?

There are a couple of things to consider here. Firstly, budget. If all the windows in the home are the same age but only a couple are failing, then it’s possible that only the damaged ones need to be replaced… for now. Depending on the age of the windows, it may be difficult to match the new ones. Having said that, with the windows looking “tired”, there will be two incentives to replace all of them. Firstly, buying in bulk and getting the job done in one fell swoop, as they say. This is definitely more budget friendly. The second is the aesthetic of the home will greatly improve with the more streamlined and cohesive look that only a full set of replacement windows offer. As well, a professional installer from our windows & doors company in Wasaga Beach will be able to fully assess and then customize window replacements that serve the home best. For example, a specific window grade for an all-day sunny window compared to a window that is completed covered from the elements such as on a porch or under an awning. This is why hiring an experience professional is key. They know how to manage and customize to the home’s needs.

Speaking of professionals…

With our windows & doors company in Wasaga Beach, careful consideration is given to all aspects of window and door options available today. Located at the southern part of Georgian Bay, Wasaga beach’s long sandy beach has a beautiful view of the Niagara escarpment. It’s a wonderful place to call home either year-round or during the summer or winter cottage season. A very popular tourist town, it experiences snowy and cold winters and demand a well-insulated, warm home. As with many Ontario cities, Wasaga Beach has experienced a number of new builds of single family homes, freehold townhouses, and condos. As there are many options with our Windows & Doors Company in Wasaga Beach, our professionals will help every step of the way. At AM Window & Door Solutions, our long-term experience is second to none. Established in 1956, we have seen a lot of variables in the many different home styles and know how to solve any problems that should arise. Our window and door replacement specialists will explain the many options available today that can fit any aesthetic preferences and any budget. Our customer care aims to always goes above and beyond. Since we’re a family owned company, we’re very proud of our values and high-quality workmanship. This is shown in our 10-year transferable warranty on all of work.

To begin, you can contact us by phone, email, or through our website. We’re also on Facebook where you can read our many customer reviews and client testimonials. We look forward to serving you and solving your window and door needs.

AM Window and Doors Solutions

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