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Windows & Doors Company in Collingwood

Residents of Collingwood are very happy with their exceptional savings after upgrading their windows and doors.

What are some of the reasons people upgrade their windows and doors?

Well, there are many reasons homeowners choose to upgrade their windows and doors. One of the main reasons is the rising cost of heating and cooling a home. With the many options of windows styles that come with specialty coatings and high energy ratings, a homeowner has many choices today.

Here are some reasons homeowners opt for a windows and doors upgrade:

  • The home has become very expensive to heat and cool. With unpredictable monthly bills that fluctuate, budgeting and monitoring a home’s utility costs become very difficult to impossible. The homeowner knows that there is energy loss but is unaware of the degree of the loss. After a windows and doors upgrade, a homeowner can see savings at around 40%, or higher depending on the age or the state of repair the old windows and doors were in.
  • The second top reason to seek replacements and upgrades is home comfort. When a home is not properly insulated with faulty windows and doors, the home is unhealthy and, therefore, very uncomfortable. Areas of the home are avoided due to drafts and cooler spots. In addition to unwanted air entering the home, condensation, a water breach, or worse water seepage may be getting in and causing damage. Water staining around the window and door areas is not a good sign and is best dealt with right away. If not, mould and mildew will surely set in. With this type of poor air quality in the home, there really is no sense of ease or comfort.
  • Windows or doors that no longer function properly. There may be the inability to open or close efficiently due to damage, age, or basic wear and tear. When they can no longer function that means the mechanics have failed. Chances are if they’re an older style, then replacement parts are no longer made and available. Damage could be chips or cracks in the window pane. For the window frames, there could be splintering, warping or bowing. When this happens, there will be gaps between the panes and frames and this is a clear sign of energy loss.
  • An excess of outside noise entering the home. As windows and doors degrade, along with the loss of an airtight seal is the loss of any protection from unwanted sounds. As sound travels through the air, the draftier a home is, the noisier it will be as well. When windows and doors are upgraded and properly sealed and airtight, a home takes on a much quieter ambient sound, which is a common comment after replacements have been installed. It’s especially noticeable if the replaced windows were from single pane and then upgraded to double pane windows or even triple pane windows.
  • The exterior or interior look of the windows and doors are no longer appealing. With the interior, curtains and/or window treatments can often “cover up” unattractive windows, but nothing can be done to change the outside look. When homeowners lose their sense of home pride and the home feels more like an eyesore than a place of peace and refuge, a lot more than material cost is lost. A good sign that this is occurring is when there’s less entertaining and hosting family or friends. Some would argue that restoring a sense of pride in one’s home adds joy and is something that is far more important than the money saved on energy costs.
  • The decision to take advantage of the money savings that comes with government incentive rebates. These programs are very enticing and offer really great savings. When these grants and savings are applied to the initial cost of upgrading a home’s windows and doors, then the ongoing monthly utilities savings will begin even earlier. Basically, the sooner the upgrade, the sooner the monthly savings begin. It’s a win-win situation.


Our Collingwood home is a four-season home but we find ourselves avoiding going there in the winter. We began finding it uncomfortable during colder wintery days. Would a windows and doors upgrade help?

You bet it would!

On the shores of Nattawasaga Bay and Georgina Bay, Collingwood is located in Simcoe County. It’s also located in a snow belt, which makes it a four-season tourist destination. Collingwood is known for great skiing in the winter at the infamous Blue Mountain ski resort. So it’s very unfortunate your home is uncomfortable and is being avoided during the winter season. Upgraded and properly installed windows and doors that are professionally sealed to be airtight would solve this problem and you can once again enjoy all of the winter activities that are offered in your neighbourhood. When looking for a windows and doors company in Collingwood, it’s best to find a professional company who has years of experience with all styles of homes.

Why hiring an experienced professional windows and doors installers is definitely the way to go?

With the many technical and functional details to consider, both small and large, it’s important to consult with a window and doors professional. One of the many things they need to consider is the homeowner’s budget. As well, which window style would work best in the various locations of the home. For example, areas that have direct and continuous exposure to harsh elements would require a strong window or door style, such as double or triple pane. While windows that are partially protected by awnings or verandas will not need as high of an energy rating. Today, there are many options to choose from, both in style and specialty gradings. At AM Window & Door Solutions, we offer all of the above, and more. We’re a family-owned company and are proud of both our quality workmanship and our top-notch customer care. Beginning at our free consultation right up to our clean up, we work with our customers every step of the way. We’ve been in business for over 65 years and we always put our customers first. We’re so confident with our highly skilled installers that we offer a one of the best workmanship warranties in the industry on all of our work. Call us today or fill a form above to schedule your free, no obligation inspection. 

AM Window and Doors Solutions

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