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Windows and Doors Company in Guelph Ontario

Guelph homeowners are very pleased with their new energy efficient windows and doors.

“Money flying out the window” is the old popular saying that best describes a home that has outdated and/or faulty windows and doors. With today’s high cost of energy, creating a home that is energy efficient is the best solution. As well, at a time in history when our natural resources are being used up at an unprecedented rate, being mindful of our eco-footprint and aiming for an energy efficient home is something we can all do to help contribute to a cleaner, healthier environment.

Let’s look at some of the conditions that call for windows and doors upgrade.

  • As we mentioned briefly, high energy bills. This is the #1 reason a homeowner opts to make changes to their windows and doors. Possibly this is your reason as well. When non-functioning or older style windows are upgraded, energy savings can be upwards to 40%, and in some situations even higher. You can also factor into the savings government incentive programs for upgrading that come back to the homeowner in the form of a rebate. The rebate will substantially cut down the initial cost outlay for the products and installation. It’s really a win-win situation. (Or win-win-win when you include the environmental benefits.)
  • The home is drafty and there are cold spots around the window and door areas. This is a sure sign that the windows and doors are not functioning well, improperly sealed, and no longer airtight. Drafts also create a general sense of unease and reduce a home’s comfort level.
  • When you’ve stopped using a window or door because the mechanics no longer work and they cannot open or close properly. If they are older models, then replacement parts may be hard to come by or just plain unavailable.
  • You can see damage on the windows or doors. This includes cracks in the glass, fogginess, a build-up of condensation. On the frames, cracking can also occur, splitting, bowing where the windowpane and frame no longer connect properly and leave gaps.
  • Visible damage on the wall areas surrounding the window or door. This would be in the form of water stains and/or sweating walls. Not something you want to see but definitely something that needs immediate attention. Water penetration is a home’s enemy. Your best defense is to call in the professionals ASAP to stop any damage from spreading.
  • Your material pieces and fixtures near windows, such as curtains and couches, show signs of fading from direct sunlight exposure. This is very common with older, single pane windows. There are many new styles of windows that come with UV protection so fading will no longer be a problem after upgrading.
  • Unwanted outside noise has permeated the home. Together with drafts, wherever air travels, so does sound. When a home is not airtight, the lack of soundproofing can be very noticeable. Today, there are many options that will prevent this. Thicker windowpane glass that is specially coated is one option. Also available are double and triple pane window styles. A consultation with a windows and doors company in Guelph will help you to choose the right option for you. 
  • You’re just not happy with the overall look of your home. Older windows and doors tend to look worn and tired. A sure way to enhance a home’s curb appeal is with a full replacement window and door upgrade. Not only will your home look better but this kind of upgrade will definitely aid in bumping up your property value should you choose to sell in the future.

I have a century home in downtown Guelph and would like to find window and door replacements that compliment my style of home. 

Gone are the days of limited options for window and door replacements for older homes. Homeowners asked for more options and the market delivered. There is now a wide selection of styles and colours to choose from. If the home’s windows are wood, then there is the option of replacing them with the same material. This is quite costly and falls under the category of “restoration”. Homeowners who are budget-conscious are now choosing vinyl windows and doors for both cost and being highly energy efficient. They also have a long life and do not require maintenance or replacements for decades. For this reason, and the fact that vinyl is very recyclable, in fact a very high percentage of vinyl in the environment will be recycled, making them environmentally friendly. 

Known as “The Royal City”, Guelph is a popular city in Southwestern Ontario. The Speed River and Eramosa River connect and cross in picturesque downtown Guelph. This is why a few companies and one neighbourhood go by the name of “Two Rivers”. With a large and active arts community, Guelph has a lot to offer its residents and visitors alike. Architecturally, Guelph is known for its older homes, and in particular, homes and business buildings were built with stone from a local stone quarry. Guelph weather is typical of a Southwestern Ontario city –– hot, humid summers and snowy winters.

Why an experienced window and door contractor familiar with all home styles is your best option.

As there are many variables that need to be considered when working on replacing windows and doors, (and replacement is always more complicated then adding windows when the home was first built), you’ll want to fine a skilled contractor who is familiar with and who has experience with many different styles of home. At AM Window & Door Solutions, we have all of those skills, and then some. Our specialists are professionally trained and have experience with all situations involving window and door replacements. Having been in business since 1956, we’re a proud, family owned company that always puts our customers first. We offer excellent customer service and go above and beyond. This is shown by our workmanship warranty on all of our work performed. You can get in touch with us by phone, text, or visit us on Facebook. There you’ll see many happy customer testimonials. We look forward to solving your window and door needs in Guelph.


AM Window and Doors Solutions

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