Eavestrough Soffit Fascia

soffit fascia replacement in london onA roofing system is made up of a few disparate systems that work in combination to provide coverage for a number of different things. A working drainage system is critical to the operation of a roofing system the advantages of having a good working soffit, fascia and eavestrough and what some of the benefits will be to the overall good health of the roofing system.

When you need to service or replace your soffit, fascia or eavestrough, we are ready to assist you with good advice to help you with the decision. At AM Group of Companies, we have been at the forefront of repair and replacement for fascia, soffit and eavestrough work for over 60-years.

The fascia is a strip of wood that runs around the entire circumference of the roof below the eavestrough on a horizontal plane. The fascia is clad with an aluminum seal – one part aesthetic, and one part for protection. The aluminum will look great at the edge of your roof and the aluminum will secure the wood lath strip from rot and exposure to the elements. The soffit is attached to the underside of the eavestroughs and it plays a role in keeping unwanted visitors out of your attic. The eavestroughs or rain gutters are placed at the edge of the roof running around the entire house and there primary function is to move water that comes from the roof to the downspouts where the water will be released at ground level.

Why a good eavestrough system is important for your home?

The eavestrough is the drainage system for your home’s roofing system, it receives water and releases it for dispersal at the ground through a downspout network that is attached to the eavestrough.

Designed to move water that comes to them by way of the shingles and valleys, the eavestroughs are a shield of protection against water damage. The rain gutters protect the shingles, underlayment, and brickwork among other things. When you have better than adequate fascia, soffits and eavestroughs it offers the kind of curb appeal that will make your home standout in your neighbourhood. Air circulation in your attic is a byproduct of a quality water drainage system that encompasses your fascia, soffit, and eavestrough. Also, animal intrusion is reduced to minimum when you have up to date fascia, soffits, and eavestroughs because the seal you need to prevent entry is there. One big asset of the three is the fact that they will help extend the lifespan of your roofing system by keeping water and invasive rodents at bay while providing a warm, dry, cozy environment for your home.  

Maintenance and installation of the fascia, soffit, and eavestrough

eavestrough installationWhen you need a new eavestrough, you have a choice of materials that runs from copper, galvanized metal and aluminum to start the project. For the fascia and soffit, plywood, aluminum, and vinyl are the materials of choice for the industry.

When installed according to best practices, the three elements will enhance the décor of your home and prevent damage from impacting your home and creating huge repair bills. One problem with an eavestrough is that will become clogged when debris is lodged in them and that can create water spillage and force the gutters away from the fascia. The kind of gap created when the gutters have been pulled away from the fascia can result in water into the basement is you aren’t careful. One way to get around this problem is to install a gutter filter, it will reduce and potentially eliminate clogs and in turn prevent large gutter cleaning bills that might require repairs when a contractor gets to the gutters.

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