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Replacement DoorsWhen you invite someone to your home, the first thing they notice is your front door. You can have a stately door that says everything about you and is a designed to dovetail the architecture of the home you reside in. But when the doors in your home are no longer fulfilling the purpose they were intended for – protection and keeping the elements out – it is time to consider an upgrade with replacement doors.

That is where we come in - we are AM Window & Door Solutions, the premier windows and doors company in Ontario. We have a wealth of experience when it comes to retrofitting new doors in any home.

In the past, doors were made of solid materials like wood. This wood offered little in the way of insulation. Doors made of wood are prone to warping and with over exposure to water could experience wood rot as a result. Also, homes shift on their foundations over time and when once a door was a perfect with the jamb it could become slightly off centre and that allows draughts to penetrate the home.

Studies with regard to heat loss tell us that a poorly sealed door or a door that isn’t insulated door can cost the homeowner money. Gaps and a lack of insulation can add as much 40 per cent to a home’s heating and cooling budget and over time that is money up in smoke.

If a homeowner were to replace the current doors with new, insulated doors that are air tight in the jamb, the savings can be improved. Up to 20 per cent of a home’s heating and cooling budget can be returned to a homeowner when they upgrade their entryways with new doors. And that return will defray the costs of the new doors or door in short order.

You might think installing a door is a piece of cake and can be done in no time. Well, that isn’t the case. At AM Window & Door Solutions, we have a team of installers who have been installing doors for years and there are challenges with the installation. Not always are entranceways square, meaning the door will have to be fitted to accommodate the doorway opening to provide a flush fit. Also, the wood trim around the door can have imperfections or it may need to be replaced because the previous door was warped and wore down a section of the trim that will cause a gap when the new door is installed.

Our installers will recognize this situation and install new trim or a jamb to allow the retrofit to be firmly sealed when the door is closed. But before any of that can happen, you need to choose a door or doors for your retrofit.

It starts with a phone call to us at AM Window & Door Solutions to have a windows and doors consultant come to your home for a visit to see what the current state of your doors are. He will look at the problems you are experiencing and advise you on the best course of action based on the needs that the door or doors will fulfill. 

We have many different choices for doors that come in two distinct materials that will provide security and decorative value for your home. The first type of door we can install for you is made of vinyl and can be custom fitted and designed to match the colour scheme and deign scheme of your home.

If your door needs are more utilitarian, we have insulated steel doors for that purpose. And those doors can be for a residential application or a commercial application that will provide security and drastically reduce energy consumption when they have been installed.

At AM Window & Door Solutions, we don’t manufacture doors, we purchase them from Vinylbilt Windows and Doors – and like us, they are a premier windows and doors manufacturer that has a solid reputation for quality products.

The installation process will be done quickly and when our team is done we carry away any debris that was created through the installation of your new door or doors and deposit it at the appropriate disposal location. And this is a service that comes at no cost to the homeowner. If the homeowner wants to keep the old for a project that will repurpose the door we are happy to leave it, if not we carry it off for disposal just like the debris.

To create the conditions for a successful installation of new windows or doors, our family has been a crucial element in all phases of the installation, from the initial consultation to installation and clean up, one of the family is on the job.

When the work is complete two things happen, a warranty for the door is provided from Vinylbilt - depending the door will determine the warranty duration – and a 10-year workmanship warranty from us at AM Window & Door Solutions.

The warranties are transferable at no cost to the homeowner in the event of a home sale and are non-prorated (for Vinylbilt products).

To obtain a personalized consultation for your new replacement doors call AM Window & Door Solutions today for a no cost consultation and free estimate at 519.668.1555 

Looking to replace your windows or doorsContact us today! Free, NO obligation in home estimate.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

Kevin P.

Very happy with my windows. I used this company to install replacement windows in my home in early December.

I worked with Steve. He was very clear about pricing and what would be involved in the window installation process.

All the new windows were installed in two days. Very good prices and a good experience. I would recommend this

Sandra K.

I purchased 6 windows and 2 sliding glass doors and the installation was timely and professional. Everything was completed in 1 day. I highly recommend AM Window & Door Solutions.

Kristen O.

I love how my replacement windows gave new life to my home. Thank you AM Window & Door Solutions

Josh T.

I didnt know much about windows, but Kevin made it easy for me to understand and select the right options for me.

Jim H.

Great Company, excellent quality product with the best installers in London. Have an older house and had AM replace all the windows in the house which I thought would be a challenge.

The windows were delivered on time, at an affordable price and installed by a professional crew. All the old windows were taken away. Everything was cleaned up.

Thomas C.

I took a ton of time before carefully choosing a window and door company to replace all the windows in my home. Thank you AM Windows for taking the time to explain everything thoroughly with zero pressure to buy. You truly get what you pay for when it comes to windows and doors. Major thanks to everyone at AM.

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