Replacement Windows

Replacement WindowsWhen you make an investment in your home one the best places to start is with new replacement windows. Not only to improve the look of your home, they are an energy-efficient way to reduce energy use and reduce the costs of energy. A home that is warm in the winter – with no draughts – and cool in the summer with no heat infiltration through nooks and crannies of poorly sealed windows, certainly will improve the quality of life.

With poor quality windows, you may be losing 40 per cent of you heating dollars in the winter through gaps in the old windows and draughts that come through those gaps. In the summer heat infiltration is the curse of poorly sealed windows and up to 60 per cent of your cooling dollars are spent on overworking your air conditioner because you have poor windows.

Updating your windows with new replacement windows will save on average 20 per cent of the costs that were previously committed to your energy budget. Over time those savings will add up and cover the cost of new windows and provide a return on your investment that will add up. 

When you are buying windows, the first and only consultation you need is with AM Window & Door Solutions. We are an industry leader with an excellent team of installers and we use the best replacement windows in the industry.

There are many factors that will influence a replacement windows purchase, and the first one most our customers ask about is maintenance-free windows. Periodically you will need to lubricate the rollers or the track that windows slides on, but beyond that and a good cleaning regularly is all you have to do with the windows we install.

Based on our ability to offer a wide variety of styles and models of windows, the need for versatile installers is paramount to successfully installing bay windows, casement windows or patio doors when we accept a retrofit for new windows at a homeowner’s request.

Our team of installers have experience working windows of all sizes and types – and they have the training to keep with changes in industry standards and types of products that come to market as windows technology improves. Every member of our team has safety training and they are insured for anything that could go wrong on-site to protect them and the homeowner.

The way or process works is simple you contact us for a consultation.

We send out a representative to review the situation and discuss what your goals will be for the new windows you seek to purchase and we go about creating a plan to take ideas from the drawing board and put them into practice.

We take measurements for the windows that need replacing, and once we have the dimensions, we manufacture your custom built windows for installation in your home.

Every home has character and we want the windows you choose to complement the personality and charm that is your home. The replacement windows you purchase from us will have a lifetime guarantee from the manufacturer and 10-year workmanship guarantee for labour courtesy of AM Window & Door Solutions.

The selections of colours for your replacement windows are as varied as a rainbow and the styles are many to suit to your taste. Remember, windows are a custom built product and you can design the style and create the colour from your own colour palette to put an exclamation point on your replacement windows.

If you are working on a budget or have some financial constraints that need to be addressed, don’t worry, we can accommodate all our customer’s needs to affect a quality windows replacement that will last and be stylish.

Our reputation is well regarded in the industry and we maintain a high standard of quality in all the work we do. And it isn’t just the installation work we pride ourselves in. We take a customer-oriented focus to the work of a retrofit for windows replacement and it starts when we answer the phone for your inquiry. From that moment on, we consider you part of the AM family, and family plays a large role in our business operations. Different members of the family serve in different capacities and they have been the bedrock of success that we have enjoyed as a premier windows replacement company in Ontario.

We’ve all heard stories about fly by night contractors,’ who show up, provide an estimate, take a deposit and disappear, never to be seen or heard from again. When you deal with us, our reputation for high standards and above average ethics is the expectation, not the exception.

Once our crew has completed your replacement windows installation, they remove any and all refuse that was generated over the course of the installation. Also, if you don’t wish to keep the old windows we will take them to a recycler at no cost to the homeowner and leave your home just as we found it.

When you are ready to take the plunge and make the investment for replacement windows, we are ready to accept your call. For a no-obligation consultation for a windows replacement that comes with a free estimate, call us today at AM Window & Door Solutions at 519.668.1555 

Looking to replace your windows or doorsContact us today! Free, NO obligation in home estimate.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

Kevin P.

Very happy with my windows. I used this company to install replacement windows in my home in early December.

I worked with Steve. He was very clear about pricing and what would be involved in the window installation process.

All the new windows were installed in two days. Very good prices and a good experience. I would recommend this

Sandra K.

I purchased 6 windows and 2 sliding glass doors and the installation was timely and professional. Everything was completed in 1 day. I highly recommend AM Window & Door Solutions.

Kristen O.

I love how my replacement windows gave new life to my home. Thank you AM Window & Door Solutions

Josh T.

I didnt know much about windows, but Kevin made it easy for me to understand and select the right options for me.

Jim H.

Great Company, excellent quality product with the best installers in London. Have an older house and had AM replace all the windows in the house which I thought would be a challenge.

The windows were delivered on time, at an affordable price and installed by a professional crew. All the old windows were taken away. Everything was cleaned up.

Thomas C.

I took a ton of time before carefully choosing a window and door company to replace all the windows in my home. Thank you AM Windows for taking the time to explain everything thoroughly with zero pressure to buy. You truly get what you pay for when it comes to windows and doors. Major thanks to everyone at AM.

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