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siding replacement londonSiding for a home has come a long way since the inception of aluminum as a product for use in home retrofits and it has the benefit of being economical and weather resistant. Whether you choose vinyl, wood or aluminum siding, you can expect it to keep you home cool during the hottest days in the winter and warm during the coldest nights in the winter. 

There are many avenues of opportunity to take when you decide it is time to upgrade the exterior of your home and AM Group of Companies is the best place to start. For over 60-years our company has been providing expert advice and our staff is here to help. It is hard to know what type of surface, colour or type of siding you need, but when you meet with us we will be able to help in that regard. We take a top down approach to your needs for siding and we can recommend the best product for your situation that will be cost-effective and last for many years.

Vinyl Siding

There are many advantages to be gained when you install vinyl siding, it durable, will last for half century, and it requires very little maintenance. The occasional wash of the siding with a high-pressure sprayer is the most work that you will need to apply to keep the rich colour of the vinyl coming back to the surface. Vinyl siding offers an economic benefit in the cost of the material; it is cheaper than wood, but it can be molded to look like wood. The vinyl can be textured and take on the appearance of cedar shakes or wood clapboard as a design feature.

Aluminum Siding

The advantages of aluminum siding are three-fold, it doesn’t rust, it’s fire resistant, will not dent or scratch. The long-lasting material that aluminum is became very popular over 40 years ago and it has held its reputation of one of he best materials to put on your home. Aluminum is less expense than wood, but it costs more than vinyl and has a shelf life of 40-50-years. Virtually maintenance free, aluminum siding needs to be checked every few years for damage that the weather may cause, but it is strong material that will protect your home. One of the great things about aluminum siding is the ability to change colours should you like. Aluminum siding can be painted to reflect changes in your home’s décor and it is versatile for a homeowner who seeks a middle of the road solution for their siding choices.

Wood Siding

Natural wood siding is the design choice of many homeowners,’ it offers beauty and elegance for any home. Proper care and maintenance of wood siding is essential to be help the siding stand up to the weather and anything else that will affect your home. Wood siding choices are many, but you need to be aware of a couple of things when you choose wood siding. Wood siding needs maintenance to keep it in top condition, that means a staining the wood every three to four years and a good power washing every year. When choosing a type of product for you wood siding, we at AM Group of Companies recommend three types of wood, redwood, cedar of cypress are the best materials because they will withstand moisture, insects and climate changes where other wood products don’t measure up.  

siding installation london ontarioThere are many quality siding products on the market and at AM Group of Companies we have access to the latest products released to market that come from proven manufacturers like Gentek®, Royal Building Products®, and Maibec® Wood Siding, and all are quality materials to upgrade your home with.

Siding functionality plays a big role in the choice of siding, and it affords the type of protection that other building materials don’t. When choosing new siding, you need to be aware of what regional temperatures are like in summer and winter to maximize the ability of the siding to protect your home. Durability is the key when buying siding; you need to conscious of your needs and how the materials will protect your home. One of the great things about siding is it is virtually maintenance free, once installed you can depend on the siding to stand up to the ravages of the weather and protect your home for many years.

To help with the decision-making process, contact us and we will have one of our service experts take stock of situation and budget and recommend a siding product that will beautify your home while providing energy efficiency and protection for your home’s exterior. For a no-cost meeting, a free estimate and free inspection call us  today at 1.877.281.6900.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

Kevin P.

Very happy with my windows. I used this company to install replacement windows in my home in early December.

I worked with Steve. He was very clear about pricing and what would be involved in the window installation process.

All the new windows were installed in two days. Very good prices and a good experience. I would recommend this

Sandra K.

I purchased 6 windows and 2 sliding glass doors and the installation was timely and professional. Everything was completed in 1 day. I highly recommend AM Window & Door Solutions.

Kristen O.

I love how my replacement windows gave new life to my home. Thank you AM Window & Door Solutions

Josh T.

I didnt know much about windows, but Kevin made it easy for me to understand and select the right options for me.

Jim H.

Great Company, excellent quality product with the best installers in London. Have an older house and had AM replace all the windows in the house which I thought would be a challenge.

The windows were delivered on time, at an affordable price and installed by a professional crew. All the old windows were taken away. Everything was cleaned up.

Thomas C.

I took a ton of time before carefully choosing a window and door company to replace all the windows in my home. Thank you AM Windows for taking the time to explain everything thoroughly with zero pressure to buy. You truly get what you pay for when it comes to windows and doors. Major thanks to everyone at AM.

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