Windows Maintenance

Windows MaintenanceWindows care and maintenance isn’t astro physics, but it does require some first-hand knowledge to effectively maintain the asset you know as your energy efficient windows.

When cleaning the glass or the window frames, a mild soap and water mix is best for the cleaning of the surfaces. Once the soap and water have been applied, a water rinse and dry cloth to dab up the residual water works best.

Don’t use abrasive compounds on the windows or the frames, it could cause damage to occur and it will be a slow deterioration over time and before you notice it, you’ll have to replace the window in its entirety.

At least once a year you need to lubricate the tracks and rollers of the windows with oil to keep the free flow of activity for the windows to slide up and down without friction.

In bathrooms, pool rooms or kitchens use an exhaust fan as often as possible to remove any humidity that may build up during the course of use in one the aforementioned rooms.

Another small but important detail is keeping the tracks of your windows free of dirt and debris that may encumber the movement of the window and cause it to stick or become wedged before it can be opened fully.

When you are cleaning your screen, remember that they are fragile and a light soap and water wash with a soft brush will yield best results. When you have completed the washing component of the cleaning, rinse with water at a low pressure and wipe dry with a soft cloth.

To clean the glass inside and out, use a mild soap and water wash – preferably mild dish washing detergent – rinse with clean water and take a soft cloth to dry the surfaces. Please be aware that is you are using a squeegee, that there are no metal strips in the edge because the metal with scratch the window surface permanently marring the glass.

Vinyl windows are a snap to clean – they never need maintenance and are extremely easy to clean. The process is the same as cleaning glass windows, use a mild soap and water rinse, a mild dish soap is best. When you are finished washing, apply a clean water rinse and then towel dry the surface with a soft cloth.

As a reminder, don’t use any abrasive substances on the vinyl as it could cause abrasions to the vinyl or discolour the outer surface if it is applied.

How to manage condensation

The first thing to understand about condensation in your windows is it is not an indication that the window is any way damaged or the insulation is defective. Condensation occurs when a number of different factors occur alone or simultaneously to create moisture between the panes of glass.

The dew-point temperature falls below the temperature in the room, poor air circulation in the room and how the room is heated all affect condensation and its presence in between your windows.

There are solutions to help eliminate the problem and it starts with turning off your humidifier in the winter months. If your home is damp, purchase a dehumidifier to take the moisture out of the atmosphere as a way to reduce condensation that build-up between the windows.

Install vents where possible and vent the moisture that builds up in laundry rooms or from gas burners outside to reduce the moisture content in the air. The last recommendation for a reduction in moisture in the air in your home is open the windows periodically in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry room after use to remove any unwanted moisture that has accumulated.

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